Ample Preparation & Careful Application Are the Keys to the Beauty & Longevity of Our Concrete Floor Paint

At Ninja Coatings, we pride ourselves on the longevity and beauty of our concrete floor paint products. However, the high-quality, polyurea composition of our concrete floor paint isn’t the only reason why it lasts so long and looks so great. The key is in the meticulous preparation and expert application. Our applicators follow a strict process in order to ensure that our paint properly bonds to the floor and remains free of scratches and scuffs for decades.

Step 1 – Surface Preparation

To ensure a proper bond, the concrete floor must first be prepared. We use diamond grinders with integrated vacuum systems to ensure a perfectly smooth surface that is free of dust and debris and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Step 2 – Concrete Reconstruction

One of the best features of our concrete coating is that it can essentially repair an old, cracked concrete slab. That’s because we use menders and fillers to repair cracks and spalls in the existing floor before ever applying any coating.

Step 3 – Basecoat

The first coat of self-priming polyurea paint is applied. This coat serves to bond the paint securely to the floor, ensuring that it won’t ever peel up, even if it is exposed to intense pressure, drastic temperature changes, or even corrosive chemicals.

Step 4 – Broadcasting the Chips

Immediately after the basecoat is applied, we scatter multi-colored vinyl chips across the floor by hand. This serves to provide texture to the floor and creates a gorgeous mosaic. We offer countless color combos to choose from, so you can create the perfect look for your concrete floor.

Step 5 – Scraping the Chips

In order to remove any imperfections, we scrape off the loose flakes after the basecoat has cured. Afterwards, we vacuum the floor to prepare it for the final coat.

Step 6 – Clear Coat

This final clear layer of polyurea paint serves as armor to protect the floor against natural wear and tear, such as scuffs, sharp impacts, and chemical spills. Once this layer has been applied, it is fully cured and ready for minor foot traffic within 4-6 hours and can return to full use within a day.

To learn more about how our concrete floor paint is applied and how it can help protect your floor or paved area, contact Ninja Coatings today.

“What we really liked about the guys over at Ninja Coatings was that they had no problem going the extra mile for us. These guys came in and did exactly what we wanted them to do.”

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“I just have to say that the guys over at Ninja Coatings were great. They did what they said they would do and they really did not take very long to do it which was great. ”

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